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5 tips - How to be a better boarder

Think about it, many factors influence your level of riding. Today, we have some tips and hints for you that could improve your board skills. Here are some progression tips – maybe you haven’t thought about them yet!

  • Look at other riders and their approaches

Especially in the snowpark you should evaluate how other boarder hit the obstacles. How much speed are they catching? How does their air movement look like? How are they landing? Judge their acting and reflect it on your own shred style.

  • Try new and different boards

Is your board meant for shreds in the snowpark? Have you tried other boards so far or talked to some experts about snowboards? Maybe this is your call to visit a Testival or ask your parkrat-friends to borrow their board for a day!

  • Know your body + strength

Know your body and listen. Go for the good slam when you have the energy. If not, it will get ugly and the risk of injury increases.

  • Ride with the people that are better than you!

A good way of progression is to ride with boarder that have more skills already, that push you, watch out for you and teach you.

  • Shred every day if you have the chance!

Learning by doing, be thankful and enjoy!

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