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See you next winter Shreadheads!
The season is coming to an end!

As the snow is melting and the days grow longer, we find ourselves at the bittersweet end of another incredible season here at Area47 Snowpark Sölden.

We've shared countless thrills, spills, and unforgettable moments on the slopes, and as we reflect on the season that was, we're filled with gratitude for each one of you who made this snowpark come alive.

Our incredible Shape Crew worked tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain and improve the park. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed!

As we eagerly anticipate the return of winter and the promise of fresh powder, let's cherish the memories we've created and the friendships we've forged. Until we meet again - stay safe, stay stoked, and keep the shred alive.

Thank you for an unforgettable season at Area 47 Snowpark Sölden. See you next winter!

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