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Current setup

It's high peak shred season! Are you wondering what obstacles are waiting for you in the Snowpark?

We are presenting you the current setup:

Small Area

  • 3m Dance Floor Butter Box
  • 3m Kicker Jump
  • 3m Kicker Jump
  • 4m Kicker Jump
  • 5m Down Tube 
  • 5m Kicker Jump
  • 6m Flat Butter Box 
  • 6m Rainbow Butter Box
  • 6m Up/Down Butter Box
  • 4m Kicker Jump 

Medium Area

  • 10m Down/Flat/Down Rail 
  • 4m Tank Jib 
  • 6m Slope Wallride Jib 
  • 6m Wallride Jib 
  • 8m Down Box
  • 8m Kicker Jump 
  • 9m Kicker Jump 
  • Lollipop Jib
  • 7m Flat/Down Rail 

Large Area

  • 10m Kicker Jump 
  • 12m A-Frame Rail Large Area
  • 5m Up (Cannon) Tube 
  • 7m Rainbow Rail
  • 8m Up/Down Rail

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