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The crew is back in town!

We got good news for you shred heads out there. Our shape crew arrived at Sölden. Now they start working on several projects and next week they will start shaping the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden. We had a little chat with Adam Arski, our new Park Designer. Also, there´s a big new partner to announce.

 “The knuckles already look pretty great”, says Adam Arski. “Thanks to the massive amounts of snow in the last couple of days, we got plenty of building material.” There is no lack of snow in Ötztal, that´s for sure. In the middle of November, the road leading to Sölden even had to be closed as the risk of an avalanche was too high. Luckily, the situation has calmed down. Now, the crew focuses on the several projects they have in Sölden. “At first, we´ll finish the Adrenalin Cup, then the Funslope and next week we will start building the Snowpark”, Adam explains.

The best crew

When it comes to his new crew members, our Park Designer is more than satisfied. “I got to know them in the last couple of days and I got to say, every one of them is a professional and we get along just fine.” It seems like we got another rad season with an even more rad crew coming for you guys!

A bunch of new stuff

We got some new things cooking for you this year. Our whole new chill area for example. The area will be located at the end of the park, perfect for an after-shred-BBQ. Also, there´s a new post box rail to be found in the park. This year, we´ll have a total of 45 obstacles standing at our winter playground. And last but not least, we got a new sponsor. Let´s give Coca Cola a warm welcome! They will join us on our way from now on.

We can´t wait for the park season to begin! How about you? Check out our Istragram channel or our Facebook page for more updates!

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