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Special Obstacle is Ready
It's Jibbing Time at AREA47 Snowpark Sölden

Have you guys checked the weather forecast? It looks insane – the upcoming days are going to bring endless sunshine. Seems like we can already work on our goggle tan in February. In these conditions you definitely wanna take advantage of everything the park has to offer this year, don’t cha? Win Oakley goggles? Check! Freestyle coaching for free? I’m in! Shred a picturesque obstacle? Sign me up! All good things go by three, right?

You may have witnessed that the park was closed for a couple of days due to stormy weather. But a closed park doesn’t mean that our hard-working crew is resting. They instead put up one of your favorite obstacles – you know which one we’re talking about? Yeah – that’s right the famous GoPro Multi-Jib is standing in the park and once again attracts a lot of attention. It’s your choice – shred the tube, slide down the stairs, steezily ride the handrail or take the box and send it. The GoPro Multi-Jib is a playground by itself.

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You also may have heard we give away a pair of Oakley goggles on Instagram.

All you need to do is taking some photos or recording some clips and upload them on Instagram. Wouldn’t the GoPro obstacle be an ideal setting for some rad shots? Check out how it works!

  1. Go on Instagram and post your newest AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden pic/video
  2. Tag us @snowpark_soelden
  3. Use the hashtag #gimmegoggles

In case you struggle on our new obstacle and your trick on the photo/video just doesn’t look as steezy as you wish, then we also have a solution for you. Come to our Weekly Coaching Session on Thursdays (1pm-3pm). The freestyle coach Julius Schneider is happy to help you with learning new tricks. Snowboarder or freeskier, beginner or park rat – all levels are welcome!

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img 8009
img 8011
img 8022
img 8034
img 8047
img 8082

Sounds like a #soeldelicious plan? We are stoked to welcome you soon at the one and only AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden!

Find out more about the park and visit our Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.

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