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Soeldelicious updates incoming

We have some soeldelicous updates for you. As of now the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden is back in expansion mode!

Currently the beginner line featuring one small jump and a few boxes is open only. Due to not the greatest snow conditions, the build-up could not be continued in the last days - BUT this has changed now. The Head Shaper Adam has some steezy good news for you,”We have started with the rebuild of the tube and rail line yesterday and we will be really busy shaping the park in the next few days. You can expect an expanded park by next week.”

Aren’t that great shred-news? Since the sun is also supposed to come out every day next week, we’ll get ready for some bluebird shreds. We will keep you posted with setup info and updates so, stay tuned and enjoy your soeldelicious rides!

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