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Ready, Set, Shape

Ladies and gents, it's finally time to build our office for this upcoming season. Today, we are starting to shape the Giggijoch with one goal: to give you a sick homebase and a creative setup to shred. Everyone in the shape crew is already super stoked about the season kick-off… for a good reason.

Because maybe you can shred the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden earlier this year than you have expected. If everything on the mountain runs according to our planning, we can open our first setup already this weekend. Of course, the mountain has its own rules and so the last word is still spoken by the weather and the Giggijoch itself. But at least the thought of a shred session at the weekend makes your working week more bearable, right?


One reason why we are planning to set up the park fast is that we have a mighty companion when it comes to shaping a decent snowpark this year. Thanks to PRINOTH, the new partner of QParks, we've got a snow groomer that is designed to shape. The heavy machine is called "BISON X" perfect to maneuver through dozens of obstacles. Read all about it here.

If you want to stay updated about when you can shred Sölden for the first time, you should definitely pay a visit to our Facebook Page or Instagram Profile. Have a #soeldelicious week!

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