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KA-POW! The next couple of days will be snowy

Looks like our park will be covered in fresh pow in the next two days. We’re gonna get unbelievable 80 cm of snow until Thursday! Our shapecrew is working as hard as possible in order to open up for you guys and girls, but the weather god isn´t really cooperating.

In fact, he is everything but cooperating. WePowder.com is promising us loads of pow until tomorrow, which means that the shapecrew will have some shoveling to do. It´s not only the snow that park designer Chris Yates and the rest of the crew has to face, it´s the wind as well. “We´ve got some bad wind in the morning today, so we weren´t able to open the park.”

verschneites obstacle

A first Impression of the Jib Line

Even tough the conditions are rough sometimes, the park is ever growing. Last weekend our crew opened the first part of the jib line. If you guys had a session in our park this weekend, you surely got a taste of what´ll be waiting for you as soon as the jib line is completed. “We´ve got some elements at the park which are ready to go in, but for now our priority is to deal with the weather”, says Chris.

You can check the current setup and the weather here on our website. For recent news about our park, pay a visit to our Facebook and Instagram Page. See you at the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden!

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