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How to stay safe while a Area47 Snowpark shred

  1. To keep the injury risk low, always start with a warm-up before the shred session!
  2. Check the situation when entering the park! It's better to look twice before crashing into another rider.
  3. Back protector and helmet are not uncool, JUST WEAR IT!
  4. If you want to create steezy footage -> stand at the side and not in the middle of the park while filming!
  5. When the obstacles are closed, they are closed and must never be ripped!
  6. Step by step -> don't overestimate yourself! Know your body and strength. Don't try new tricks when you are already a bit exhausted.
  7. Bring your FFP2 mask to protect yourself and other from COVID-19.
  8. In case of an accident: Close the obstacle immediately, call for help and give first aid

Enjoy your shred and save!

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