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Everyday we're shoveling
AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden prepares for the days after the storm

Incredible what’s happening out there, right? And there’s even more snow in the forecast. The Alps experience a historic amount of snow within the first days of the new year. The dream of freeriders is almost a nightmare for freestylers. The park had to be closed as nature once more shows its beautiful power. Find out how we proceed!

The weather forecast predicts more days full of heavy snowfall. This means the park crew is busy just with freeing the obstacles from the powder while keeping the area nice and even. On the other hand, all the freshly fallen building material can be used for pushing together big knuckles. Once the snow storm has passed, the medium kicker line shall be completed in no time. This will definitely spice up the existing setup. “We are highly motivated, and we are going to work at full blast on the new setup once the weather is steadier again” says the park designer Joshua Hein. Quickly setting up the rail and jib line is the next big goal then.

Until then, the park crew is busy digging their butts off. In these extreme conditions every snowy day is another challenge. But let’s be positive – all the snow sets a solid base for a long, terrific and of course #soeldelicious freestyle season! Until then treat yourself with some pow sessions - you won’t get softer landings than this!! Stay safe!

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img 3099
img 20190107 075748 054
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For further news we’re happy to keep you updated through our Instagram and Facebook page. Stay tuned - big jumps and creative jibs are waiting for you!

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