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The ultimate packing list for a shred day at the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden

Let's shred the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden! Buuuuut to be able to shred happily all day long, your ski-bag has to be well packed. Today we're going to reveal essential items that should never be missing in your shred backpack.

Always stay hydrated when snowboarding or skiing - the cold reduces the feeling of thirst and we sweat a LOT. Therefore, pack a big water bottle and consciously drink regularly.

You need to bring shades and ski goggles depending on the weather for good visibility. Remember, the weather on the mountain can change easily. Also, sunscreen is never a mistake if you don't want to look like a tomato after your chill break.

The two-layer look has always proven itself on the mountain. Therefore, "don’t forget your layers". A down jacket, an extra pair of gloves and an extra buff is never packed without needing it. Ski underwear is also useful. + A little tip for the return trip: Bring comfortable and dry clothes, it makes the return journey much more enjoyable.

Want to capture your progression runs and share new reels on Insta? Then pack your action camera!

Safety First! No one should enter the snowpark without a helmet (so just wear your helmet)! If you have a back protector, that's great, but not a must. As we are unfortunately still living in Covid-19 times, remember to bring the FPP2 mask!

Lastly and most importantly, pack good vibes and your shred wolf pack!

Let's go to the Snowpark! Don't forget, a warm-up before the first send reduces the injury rate!


  • Shred-buddy
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Layers
  • Gloves, beanie, mask
  • Action-cam
  • Helmet, FFP2 & back protection
  • Steezy vibes

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