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The final countdown

You read it right. The snowpark opening is finally close at hand! This Friday, on December 20, the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden will be open and ready for your first session. But that´s no reason to stay at home and wait for the weekend to come. You can already hit your first jibs at the Familypark.

“We´re currently working on the advanced line”, Adam Arski says. When talking to our Park Designer, the stoke levels are rising. “The weather is beautiful, the build-up is going well and everything looks really good.” Adam isn´t lying here, that´s for sure. But see for yourself and check out our build-up gallery.


What to expect

There will be some sweet obstacles ready by Friday. Besides the whole tube line and some kickers, a bunch of medium obstacles will be waiting for you at the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden. “The main line in the park will have a total of 12 hits”, Adam explains. “It will be a mixture of tubes and rails. Six tubes make the start, a Spine made of snow is next in line and five, maybe six rails come afterwards.” Sounds like fun, right?


Familypark is open for business!

You can´t wait until Friday? We have good news for you: The Familypark is open and ready for your first runs. There, boxes and other easy obstacles are waiting for you. Perfect to get the freestyle engines going during the season.start.


Hungry for more info? You´ll always be up to date by following our Instagram Channel and Facebook Page. See you on Friday!

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