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Snow for christmas

This the season to get sendy! But you guys have to be a little patient until you can send it to the moon at the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden again. The park had to stay closed due to heavy snow fall for the last two days. That won´t change until tomorrow, as the weather forecast is predicting yet another fresh layer of pow for Giggijoch. But to be honest with you guys, we are pretty stoked about all the new snow.

“Because of the big amounts of snow, we had to close the park yesterday and today”, Park Designer Adam Arski says. It looks like the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden will stay closed for the next two days as well. Wepowder predicts about 60 more centimeters of pow until Wednesday. “But we are super happy about all the snow”, Adam quickly adds. “We really needed it. With all the new snow, we can build the big knuckles much better.” And let’s be honest, shredding is way more fun when the scenery around you looks like it’s actually winter, right?


What’s ready to shred?

“As soon as the snow fall stops, we will start digging out the park.” According to our plan, the weather is getting better on December 25 and then the park will be nice and ready again. And as soon as the park is digged out, we got some nice things to offer you guys: “Basically there´s is something for everyone at the park. Some kickers will be ready, we got jibs for every rider level and at the moment, you take 15 hits in a row at the park. In addition to that, the Familypark and the Funslope will be open.” And of course, that’s not all: As soon as the weather clears up, more features will be built. “It´s gonna be mainly boxes that we did not add to setup yet”, Adam says.

Now, there’s just one more thing to say: Merry Christmas and sendy holidays! We´re looking forward to see you at the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden.

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