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One more time – Winter is striking back!

What up shred heads? Enjoying the bluebird days? Spring sessions are probably every park riders’ favorite time of the year. Playing in soft snow and not worrying about rock-hard landings is always a blessing. AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden is in fine shape and we hope you guys enjoy the massive setup!

But: Have you checked the weather forecast yet? We receive almost a lot of snow the next days. This is a curse and a saviour at the same time. Unfortunately, we might have to close the park on Thursday and Friday. The Weekly Coaching Session is also cancelled this week.

Seemingly, winter is still not done with us yet. While we dig out the park, we hope you have a rad last powder session in Sölden. And on the weekend, we continue with business as usual – sunny spring sessions! The setup is still massive, so swing by and have a rad day at our sendy playground. We almost have one month to go – this is plenty of time for fine park sessions with your favorite park rats.

For the latest updates, we always got you covered via Facebook and Instagram!

P.S.: We have two more Weekly Coaching Sessions left this season (April 11 and April 18). Have a look and see what happens there.

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