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New stuff to shred at Area 47 Snowpark Sölden

There are some rad things coming up at Snowpark Sölden. Our crew put in some night shifts in order to make the park nice and ready for your shred sessions. They also prepared some new stuff, which will be ready in no time.

Where should we begin? There are so many things to tell you guys about the current setup and the upcoming upgrades at Area 47 Snowpark Sölden. Let’s start with the new rail made by our crew: “We had some leftovers from old broken rails”, park designer Adam Arski explains. Of course, these parts won’t be thrown away. They must be welded together to form a new and better obstacle. Kind of like Frankenstein’s rail. “It’s a pretty awesome down flat down rail”, Adam says proud. “We’ll put it in the park today or tomorrow.”

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Advanced area, end section and a heckin’ mini ramp!

The headline above may give you a hint of what else is going to be added to the gang. But let’s take a closer look at what’s coming. And who could explain it better than Adam, the brain behind the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden? “We are working on the advanced area at the moment. Depending on the progress of the snowcats, we want to open it tomorrow or the day after. The advanced area will also have a nice end section, it’s gonna be a platform with three rails.” That already sounds pretty rad, right? But wait, there’s more! “We’re also building a mini ramp at the park”, Adam adds. “As soon as we finished those things, we’ll have the full setup ready!”

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So far, so good. But there’s one more thing to tell you guys: From now on we will have music in the park! An electrician came by, did some magic and now we have the electricity our boxes need to play some fine tunes. Come by and join us for a fine session! Until then, feel free to check out our Instagram Account and our Facebook Page. See you soon!

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