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Meet the Head Shaper of the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden - Adam Otreszko/Arski

You are wondering what it is like to be a Head Shaper and how a typical winter day for one  looks like ? We spoke to the Head Shaper and Build-up Manager of the Snowpark Sölden and would like to share some insights with you!

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“Hi, I’m Adam.

Poland is my home country and I moved to Austria after ending my master’s in food technology. I am the Head Shaper and Build-Up Manager in Sölden.”

How would you describe your day as a Head Shaper?

“First thing in the morning, I go to for a check-run in all the facilities. After this is done, I communicate with the bully driver about further steps that need to be taken. If the weather is nice, I take a run in the park before the reshape starts. This year due to Covid-19 we have lots of organisational work in addition. “

Why did you decide to become a Shaper?

“It all started eight years ago, while I was still studying. In between winter and summer, I went to to a snowpark in Poland to be able to ride as much as possible for free. The shaping adventure started with that. After my studies I got a job as a Project Manager in the small Snowpark Russbach. From there, I moved to being a Head Shaper of PenkenPark, a Park Deigner of Sölden and Diedamspark. This year I became the Build-up Manager and Head Shaper of the Snowpark Sölden. “

Fav trick: Backside 180 in from street take-off, which I still cannot master ;)

Fav obstacle: Don’t have a favourite obstacle. Some I like a bit less than others.

“The biggest joy for me is when I can ride through the park on a warm, slushy day and I see that all my current projects are fully working without any problems!”

Your message to shred-community:

  • Riders come by for a shred in the park! 
  • Please stop using take-offs as jumps to the sites or our c-rails as a bench to sit!

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