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Fresh pow and Darth Vaders favorite obstacle

The last couple of days brought us a nice layer of pow in Sölden. And the good news is: The snowfall won’t stop in the following days, which means that our crew can add more fun features to our setup!

The Area 47 Snowpark Sölden was blessed with a big amount of snow. And the blessing is far from over: According to WePowder, 70 more centimeters of snow are about to come down in the upcoming days. “There should be four or five more days of snowfall”, says park designer Adam Arski. “Currently, we are occupied with digging out the park and repairing the obstacles.” As soon as the weather clears up the crew will focus on adding new features to the park.

“We want to build a bowl and a C-rail but want to add some beginner boxes as well”, explains Adam. But our park designer is only getting started: “Now that we finally got enough snow, we can finish the mini ramp we planned some time ago. We will also add a spine with a rail on top at the end of the advanced line and if we then still got some snow left, we want to build a mini banked slalom.” And we still haven’t told you all the news.

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Sorry for that cheap headline, we just couldn’t help ourselves. But we got a good reason to bring up bad wordplays with Star Wars references in it: The Death Star will land at the Area 47 Snowpark Sölden. Our head shaper Filip Wilczinsky took some spray cans and turned a bonk into Darth Vaders beloved planet destroyer. Spraying our Death Star Bonk took us 3 days! Thanks for going that extra mile to make our park even better, Filip!

So now you guys know our plans for the Area 47 Snowpark for the next time. But we understand your need for new updates on a daily basis. That’s why we will keep on uploading all interesting news on our Instagram account and the Facebook Page.

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