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Opening day ahead - AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden under construction
First setup in sight

Shredsters! Time has come to finally set up our favorite winter playground. First preparations and constructions at Giggijoch are in the making and it won’t be long until you can shred obstacles of any kind and send it over perfectly shaped kickers. We interviewed the park designer Joshua Hein to find out when we can expect a first setup at AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden.

The winter season has started, and the shape crew just begun with setting the foundations on the turf where the legendary AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden will be standing very soon. “We prepared and polished the obstacles lately and now started pushing together the snow for the first setup” says park designer Joshua Hein.


Sun’s out, guns out – the motto of the last days. After a solid dump of snow about two weeks ago, shredders could enjoy many bluebird days lately while the snow guns were running at full blast. Josh explains: “We have to spread the snow over the area now, before we can start stacking the first obstacles. We are going to set up the first butter boxes on Friday”.

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First setup ready by Christmas?

Seemingly, the shape crew is putting in all the effort, so a first setup is ready asap. “We want to start off with the entrance area including a little mixed jib setup, a beginner butter box line with 6-8 features as well as a beginner and medium kicker line with three jumps each”  Joshua envisions. Regarding an opening date he still hesitates to announce an exact day because the weather is always a main factor that can speed up or delay the plans: It’s definitely our goal to provide a first setup for the shredders out there by Christmas, but no promises!”


When the first setup is up, ready and shining, the freestylers in Sölden can enjoy #soeldelicious airtime and jibbing action. And right after that the crew will already be working hard on building the Creative and Pro Line.

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The park designer of the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden and his team are definitely motivated for the new season: “We’re getting to know each other better and better; the build-up process is running smoothly so far, and we can’t wait to welcome the first shredders in the park.”


By the sounds of it the shape crew is already #soeldenstoked and they commit themselves to offer the park rats out there an unreal setup with nicely shaped kickers and creative jibs to play with. Get ready for a sendy take off! Not long until we can ride park laps at AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden all day long again! 


If you want to stay updated and find out when you can shred Sölden for the first time, you should definitely pay a visit to our Facebook Page or Instagram Profile. Have a #soeldelicious week!

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