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Beast Mode On: The "Soldier" Is Gonna Shape Our Park This Season!

Setting up a snow park ain’t no child’s play, that’s well-known. Our shape crew is working hard on a #soeldelicious AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden every year, but sometimes pure manpower isn’t enough to shape the Alps. Heavy machines are needed to move masses of snow in the right position and form a decent park. For that matter, our crew has now a mighty partner.

We talk about a snow groomer, which is made to shape. The PRINOTH BISON X in the Shape Academy design "Soldier" is our new companion when it comes to building the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden. Besides the fact that this heavy machine looks absolutely awsm, it also has a huge amount of technology in it. With all its displays, buttons and joysticks the PRINOTH BISON X is not easy to tame, but perfect for maneuvering through dozens of obstacles. And believe us, the members of our crew can handle that beast!

img 20171205 wa0001
img 20171205 wa0002
img 20171205 wa0000

With the help of our new friend, the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden is going to be as sweet as ever. For more information about the park, pay a visit to our Facebook page and Instagram profile.

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