Welcome to the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden

One of the most popular snowparks in Austria!


Terms and Conditions

Discounted lift tickets (e.g. children, youth, seniors, handicapped, ...) are issued on presentation of a photo ID only! We hope you'll understand that we can not make exceptions.
Ski passes and day tickets are not transferable! Misuse of ski passes will be prosecuted and reported to the responsible authorities!
Once purchased, tickets may not be exchanged or prolonged afterwards.
No ski pass refund in case of loss.
For overlapping season times we charge a mixed rate.
The Sölden-Hochsölden ski pass is valid on all operating ski lifts in Sölden and Hochsölden, Gaislachkogl, Innerwald, Gampe, Golden Gate and both glaciers - but not in Vent and Obergurgl/Hochgurgl (common Sölden-Obergurgl/ Hochgurgl ski pass excepted).
Normally ski passes are valid from the date of issue. On request all ski passes (half-day passes and 1.5-day tickets excepted) can be purchased in advance. Ski passes can be used from 3pm the day prior to its date of issue (common Sölden-Obergurgl/Hochgurgl ski pass excepted). Ski passes are valid on consecutive days; it is not possible to make a break in-between (flexible passes excepted).
Refund of ski passes: Only in case of a sports accident!!! Days of use comprise the period from the date of issue until the date of the accident which is always included. A medical certificate of a local doctor is absolutely required. Only the ski pass of the injured will be refunded, not the ski pass of accompanying persons, flexible ski passes and 1-day ski passes.
Ski passes will not be refunded or extended in case of bad weather, avalanche danger, unforeseen departure, discontinued lift operation, closed ski runs etc. Once purchased, ski passes can not be changed or alternated. They are not transferable to other persons.
The Sölden Lift Company reserves the right to close some ski lifts during the winter season due to insufficient snow levels.
Please note the information boards at the entrance to the ski lifts and base terminals.

The company reserves the right to amend prices, particularly during special events.

The single services included in this card are provided by legally independent business partners. The partners selling this card only act as agents for all the other business partners. Therefore, only the respective partner is liable for compensation claims and obliged to provide the single service he offers.

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