Welcome to the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden

One of the most popular snowparks in Austria!


Söldelicious! Nowhere else we’d rather be!

Söldelicious! Nowhere else we’d rather be!

Only recently, a host of motivated freeskiers and snowboarders, including Frederic Aitzetmüller, Manuel Pliem, Benjamin Maurer, Fabian Fraidl, Max de Boer, Peter Walchhofer and Stefan Morocutti made their way to Sölden. Eventually, the riders agreed on two things: The AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden is a unique and brilliant playground, and secondly, there’s no place like Sölden for letting a shredalicious day on the mountain pass at a couple of drinks in the valley!

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According to many riders, that’s exactly what marks the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden this season. „Riders get the chance to choose between many different features in a line, that’s pretty cool“, Peter Walchhofer, Völkl Snowboards team rider and SANE-crew member comments. „The park’s length, the perfectly shaped obstacles and the overview you already get from the chairlift are a definite plus. The park offers plenty of obstacles for all riding levels, whether beginner or advanced – it meets all requirements.“ Freeskier Frederic Aitzetmüller agrees with his shred colleague: „The park is pretty amazing, including a cool jib line and the kickers are also fun … I’m pretty stoked! The shape crew is really passionate about having a perfect park every day. Plus, the obstacles are not only built in an ordinary straight, such as rail on rail, but are creatively positioned and thus spread across the park; just perfect for jibbing” and chilling at this stunning panorama in the background.

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Sölden is an extremely popular resort, so there are always plenty of events and parties. That’s awesome,“ Peter Walchhofer says with a grin on his face. Sölden is not only a true freeride and freestyle paradise for all riders, but also one of the best party spots in the Alps. Although freeskiers and snowboarders need to lead a healthy lifestyle, there is still time for some fun. „In Sölden, you can party every day, if you want to – on the mountain lodges as well as in the village. Every Friday, there is also a DJ at Giggijoch near the snowpark“, says Frederic Aitzetmüller. Let’s recap: You will definitely not get bored in Sölden, whether you want to check out the park or simply wish to enjoy après-ski parties with style.

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